Spheres of the Earth
Content Standard 10- Identify spheres of the Earth, including the geosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere.
Text: D16-D22

Study Guide

  1. Define each of the following terms: geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere.
  2. Draw an illustration of the four layers of the atmosphere, (closest to the Earth to furthest) labeling them and including what items can be found there.
  3. If you are exploring the spheres of the Earth, explain where you would find volcanoes.
  4. Create a diagram of the water cycle. Write a paragraph explaining how the water cycle works.
  5. Describe what types of activities take place in the hydrosphere.
  6. You have hiked a great mountain. Describe your location in reference to the different spheres.
  7. Should a tornado form, explain which spheres would be affected.

Let's explore!science_earthlayers.gif

The Four Spheres

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