Mass, Volume, and Density

Content Standard 2- Define mass, volume, and density.
Text: E44

Study Guide:
  1. Explain what characteristic is being measured when an item is placed within a container of water.
  2. Describe how one measures volume.
  3. Tell what type of items would have a high mass, but a small volume.
  4. If you measured an equal mass of dirt, rocks, sugar, and feathers, which would have the greatest volume. Explain your answer.
  5. Determine how you would find the density of an object.
  6. If you have two boxes that are the same size, but one box has twice as many items as the other box, how would you describe these boxes in terms of mass, volume, and density?
  7. You have two pieces of wood that are the same size, but one floats in water and one sinks. Conclude why this happens.

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Mass, Volume, and Density Experiment