Gravity…wow, that’s heavy!

Text: D42-D43, F12
Content Standard 6: Compare effects of gravitational force on Earth, on the Moon, and within space.

Study Guide
  1. Define each of the following terms: matter, mass, force, high tide, low tide.
  2. Planet X has the same diameter as Earth but two times the mass of Earth. The same object is weighed on the surface of both planets. What conclusions can you draw about the weight of the object on each planet?
  3. An object is sent to the Moon from Earth in a spacecraft. What observation can you make about what happens to the mass and weight of the object on the surface of the Moon?
  4. Create an illustration of the moon orbiting Earth which is orbiting the sun. Draw the Moon in the position that causes the GREATEST gravitational pull in one direction on the Earth.
  5. Explain what happens to your weight if you travel to the Moon and if you travel to Mars.

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