Text: Chapter 4 Lessons 1, 2, and 3
Content Standard 9: Describe the relationship within a habitat to various communities and ecosystems

1. Create an illustration and label each of the different following biomes:
a- tropical rainforests
b- temperate forests
c- grasslands
d- deserts
e- taiga
f- tundra
g- marine
h- freshwater

2. Describe a mutualistic relationship and give an example.
3. Describe an abiotic relationship and give an example.
4. Draw an illustration of a food web. Label all the parts of the food web and show the flow of energy.
5. Explain a commensalism relationship and give an example.
6. Tell what a community is. Determine what would happen to a community if one its members were removed.

Let's explore ecosystems!

Digital Videos on Biomes:
Tropical Rainforests Temperate Forests Marine Grasslands Desert Tundra Freshwater Freshwater Taiga

Match It Up!
Producers and Consumers Classify Organisms Ecosystem 1 Ecosystem 2 Biomes

Fun with Biomes:
Interactive Biomes Where's their home?

Fun with Food Webs:
Food Chain Flick Chain Reaction Animal Adaptations Energy Pyramid Building a Food Web
Fun with Food Webs Where do I belong? Going Crosswise Got the Answer?

Study Jams
Ecosystems Changes in Ecosystems Food Chains Symbiosis Aquatic Ecosystem
Biomes Food Webs Population Growth

Biome Wordles

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