Chemical and Physical Changes
Chapter 13 Lesson 2 (E52-E55)
Content Standard 1: Identify evidence of chemical changes through color, gas formation, solid formation, and temperature change.

1. If you place a pan containing liquid cake batter into a hot oven, how will you know that a chemical reaction takes place?
2. If you mix two liquids which are the same temperature together in a glass and a thermometer in the glass shows that the temperature increases by several degrees, explain what type of change you see.
3. You go out to put your banana peals into a compost pile. Tell how you know that you are seeing a chemical change.
4. Give five examples of chemical changes.
5. If you put a rusty metal hook in a mixture of vinegar and water and the rusty metal hook becomes shiny, determine you have just observed.
6. When you place a solid effervescent (seltzer) tablet into a liquid, explain how you know that a chemical change has occurred.
7. Create a list of indicators that a chemical change has occurred.


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