Acids and Bases

Content Standard 3- Use everyday indicators to identify common acids and bases.
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Study Guide:
Please define each of the following words: acid, base, indicator, neutral, ph level.
pH level-

  1. Explain when an indicator would change from red to blue.
  2. Create a list of common bases.
  3. Create a list of common acids.
  4. Determine what happened if an unknown solution was added to cabbage juice and it changed from purple to dark green.
  5. List the following substances from most acidic to most basic: ammonia, lemonade, milk.
  6. Conclude what would happen if rainwater and cabbage juice mix and the cabbage juice turns green.
  7. What can be used as an indicator?
  8. If you look at a pH level and it indicates that it is pH 7, what could you determine?
  9. If you look at a pH level and it indicates that it is pH 13, what could you determine?


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